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March 19, 2020

Hello Team,

To say these are challenging times would be an understatement. Our hearts go out to everyone as we are all facing mental, health and financial challenges. This continues to be the greatest economic challenge we have collectively faces in over 50 years.

It is horrible to have to communicate this in a blog post, as opposed to in person. So many of you have been with us for so long. None of this is easy. None of this is fun.

For all of our businesses, we are focused on surviving this period. That's it. This is about survival as so many food and beverage businesses will not make it. Many have already closed their doors and said they won't be able to re-open.

To accomplish this, we've had to make the following decisions:

- Our restaurants are moving to take out/delivery only for what we think will be months, not weeks.

- If you are hourly, we truly wish it were different but we cannot offer any hours at this time. You can obtain unemployment/under-employment via: - For salaried workers, we are doing everything we can to maintain as many as possible to help us weather the storm. We can't make promises of any kind right now.

As with everything in the past week, this is a situation that is evolving daily. We are working on an employee relief fund for those left without pay. We will update on this ASAP.

For those that have been with us a few months, a few years, or over a decade, we're truly sorry and we are doing everything we can to survive this period to be able to re-hire, re-engage later this year, and be around for another 12 years.

We wish all of you and your families the best and hope you stay safe and healthy throughout this ordeal. We hope to reconnect with you once this all passes. If there's anything else we can do personally in the meantime, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Best, Andy, Alicia and Jordan.

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