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To Our Valued Restaurant Staff

We recognize that this last year has been hard, but that these past few months have been extra hard. We are understaffed and overworked. We are desperately trying to hire more folks, but as you know, there just aren’t people applying anywhere right now. On top of that we are busier than ever with all of the pent up demand.

This is not permanent. Things will get better and more manageable. We truly believe we will start to see a shift back towards “normal” come this fall.

In the meantime, however, we want to recognize that you are all working incredibly hard, are showing up everyday, and giving it your all.

In recognition of your efforts, we will be implementing a bonus program for the remainder of the summer. Every single restaurant employee at our TCV establishments will see a percentage bonus on each paycheck through September 3rd.

Thank you all for working through this with us, and for being a part of our TCV restaurant family. We truly appreciate you.


-Alicia & Andy

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